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Google Developer Day 2011 HTML 5 Challenge

Posted by pcfinch on August 22, 2011

I entered the Google Developer Day 2011 HTML5 challenge, to create a “Google doogle” of the Developer Day Logo entirely in HTML, and I actually made the cut… top 3 in Australia, I’m very happy 🙂

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Teaching children about how to save money

Posted by pcfinch on October 24, 2009

A mate of mine recently wrote an great article on a simple “kid friendly” way to help children learn to save money and how to use it responsibly. I particularly like the “Give” section, as it’s not all about saving just for ourselves. If you have kids (or know someone who does) then this is a great idea and you should check it out here Money Boxes Pocket Money System For Kids.

Personally, I think we can all learn a lot from this article…

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Holiday to France 2008

Posted by pcfinch on June 9, 2008

In 2008 my wife and I took a holiday to France. I have never been to Europe before, apart from on business, so I were really excited. Paris is beautiful, breathtaking and overwhelming. The French are really nice and we had very little trouble getting around and communicating with people, even though I only know a few words in French.

We spent 2 days in Hong Kong on the way there to try and minimize the Jet-lag as flying from Sydney to Paris is about 24 hours on planes with an 8 hour time difference. Hong Kong is great. I have only been there once before and it really is amazing to see it again.

We then flew on to Paris for a 6 day stay. We stayed at the Waldorf Trocadero about 10 minute walk from The Eiffel tower and the Arc De Triomphe. The hotel is great and it feels like a little French hotel and really gave us a feeling of being “in” Paris. The Australian dollar (as it is) made it a bit expensive for us, but it was worth it.

We walked heaps while in Paris, the first day we must have walked about 30 K’s and it’s a great way to see Paris (get a Lonely Panet Guide!!). It is such a beautiful and interesting place and when you are walking around you get to mix with “real” people and see all the little stuff you might miss if you just take the train or a cab. The trains, by the way, are fantastic… I don’t think we ever waited more than 5 minutes when we had reason to take one. We saw a lot of Paris, but it really is one of the most amazing places I have ever been. Just overwhelming! I think you could spend a lifetime there and only just scratch the surface. For me, I really enjoyed the Military Museum attached to Napoleons Tomb, along with everything else of-course.

We then visited Nice, on the Mediterranean, for a couple of days and took a day trip to Cannes during the film festival. We did not see anyone famous, but it was still really cool just to be there and get the “vibe” of the place. We then took the Eurostar train to London for a couple of days. London was interesting and we “took in a show”, Chicago, at the west end… that was neat! Growing up in Australia with English parents I knew all the places and it was just fantastic to actually see them for real!

Here are some photo’s if you interested. I hope you enjoy!

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Trip to Kakadu 2007

Posted by pcfinch on July 15, 2007

KakaduIn July 2007 we went on a 3 day bushwalking and Camping trip to Kakadu national park in the Northen territory, Australia. Kakadu is an amazing place and is what you think of when you think of Australia. Most of the park is off bounds to tourists and campers, as it is Aboriginal Land, but what is available is well worth seeing.

After leaving Darwin, we started at Corroboree Billabong for some Crocodile spotting and then headed for Maguk waterhole for a swim before collecting some firewood and setting up camp for the night. The next day we went on a bushwalk to Jim Jim falls. It’s a 900m climb up a sheer cliff and then a 4km hike out to the top of the falls. It’s not easy, but the falls are great.

The last day we experienced some of the aboriginal culture and went to Anbangbang to view some rock paintings. It is almost unreal to think that some of the paintings are 10’s of thousands of years old and, hopefully, will be there long after our culture is long gone. We were going to head out the Ubir for see some more paintings but we had a bit of “tire trouble” (A flat). It’s was a bit disappointing to miss the paintings, but it’s all part of the trip and makes a good story.

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