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Photos of Japan

Posted by pcfinch on June 3, 2007

Last year (2006) my wife and I went to Japan for a holiday. I have only ever been there before on business and this was the first time I have ever been there as a tourist. In short… I loved it! Japan is amazing and the people are wonderful, friendly, and helpful. I thought I would put up a few photo’s of our trip.

We started at Toyko, an amazing city that just seems to go on for ever, and then visited Takayama which is almost the opposite is scale. Takayama a small town(by Japanese standards) in the hills. It is beautiful! Form there we went on to Kanazawa, a city best know for all it’s work with gold leaf and, as we discovered, great seafood. If you ever go there you must check out the seafood markets! We then went to Hiroshima and visited a beautiful little island called Miyajima, famous for it’s “Tori gate in the sea” and then on to Kyoto (the old capital) with a day trip to Osaka.

Japan is an amazing mix of old and new. We were walking through Tokyo, one of the most modern cities in the world, and there are people walk around in kimono’s, and old temples everywhere. The most surprising, and nice, things was how safe we felt in all the cities we visited.

I hope you like the photos… I really want to go back!


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