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How to submit a HTML form with the Enter Key

Posted by pcfinch on April 23, 2007

If your form does not have a SUBMIT button then, in some cases the browser will not automatically submit the form when you press ENTER. Here is how to submit the form when the user presses the ENTER key.

The code simply intercepts all the key presses on the page and when the ENTER key is pressed if submits the form by calling the appropriate JavaScript function. In this case submitForm(), however, it could be any other function. This function works on Mozilla and Internet Explorer (IE).

document.onkeypress = processKey;

function processKey(e)
  if (null == e)
    e = window.event ;
  if (e.keyCode == 13)  {
    submitForm() ;

8 Responses to “How to submit a HTML form with the Enter Key”

  1. fotinorod said


    I am Lucy, I have found your website while searching for some info at Google. Your site has helped me in a big way.


  2. aravind said

    Great solution!!!!!!

    Really was very helpful for me…

    saved a lot of time..


  3. Ranjit Gundu said

    Simple and easy solution…thank you.

  4. this works!!!

    thanks for this man.

    guys, just remember to change

    submitForm() ;

    to whatever you have in your onClick=”yourvaluehere()”

    otherwise it won’t work.

  5. Northie said

    An alternative solution is to place an “invisible” submit button in your form:

    <input type=”submit” style=”height:0px; width:0px; border:0px;”>

  6. Dave said

    Hi pcfinch,

    Great work! Do you have a solution for Opera and Chrome browsers. It does not work on them…

  7. CC said

    Thank you! your solution is just simple and great!

  8. Pasha said

    Thank you for this solution!

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